poetic potion

few lines of words
one big bucket of dreams
a sprinkle of hope
a handful of whimsy

couple rounds of stanza
few drops of melancholy
one whole heart
days and nights of reverie

stir on a page
let sit and let each verse
into the veins and last
for an entire lifetime


written for #napowrimo. prompt: a recipe.

(c) annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved



20 thoughts on “poetic potion”

      1. I’m trying to complete NaPoWriMo AND April A to Z Challenge. Crazy, I know. Let’s see how far I go with this. I would love to read your entries… no matter how irregular!

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      2. I have done collabs previously, when I was writing in my other WP blog (that I have retired since last year). And yes, I would write with you, thank you for asking!

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      1. Good question. How about making writing a disruption to routine? I need a few minutes at a corner scribbling a short poem at times. Helps me re-focus.

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