yesterday says goodbye 

how many times must we
leave yesterday behind
before days and nights once wrapped prettily
with purple bow
understand they have to make way
to dawns and dusks painted
in subdued shades

minutes rush into hours
before long the sun forgets
that the moon will never kiss him
no matter how hard she tries
to hold on before tangerine colors claim her

deep down we know
the past belongs to yesterday
as we bow and pray
to be stronger, to be wiser
welcoming a promise ensconced
in tomorrows


written for #napowrimo, “elegy”

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved


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      1. I always walk on my lunch. My lunch walk is sacrosanct. I have trained my coworkers well. They know not to interrupt it unless someone is dying. Since we don’t work in healthcare, I am never interrupted 🙂 I wish I was outside right now enjoying the sun and the warmth. Last week it was gray, rainy and cold.

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