why I talk to midnight

under the unforgiving bright light
of the mighty sun I feel naked
feeling so much but no time nor space
to spill, to be quiet, in the middle
of the crowd in this city’s streets
all pretending to know what they’re doing

that’s why I talk to midnight

and what of these small talks
around me, don’t they know how much
I feel like being alone with my thoughts
for nobody else understands me
as much as I do –
need I explain myself, I wonder:
how would they react if they knew
I loved being weird?

that’s why I talk to midnight

beneath the façade hides a girl
braving the storm just because
that’s what grown-ups do,
though at times she would love to
crawl back into her safe and warm cocoon
where everything would be just fine~

that’s why I talk to midnight


written for napowrimo day eleven, “the bop

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved