creamy croissant and medium mocha

four fridays in a row
as the morning broke
she stopped by the coffee shop
asked for a creamy croissant
with a medium mocha

as he made her drink
he watched her
from the corner of his eye
as she took
out a black book and a pen
from her blue suede denim bag
and started to write
and stayed there for hours

the fifth friday’s feeling was empty
nowhere was she
to be found~
did something
happen to her?
(oh, heavens, please don’t
let anything happen to her)

the sixth and seventh friday was somber
he kept seeing her
at the door
her smile brighter
than sunshine, her scent divine
(yes, he caught a sniff
when he brought her orders
to her table)

time seemed to tiptoe
her absence started to make
his existence mean nothing
apart from pouring drinks
and baking bread

one day she appeared
at the door, face lighting up
like fireworks
timidly told him she was going away
for good,
somebody somewhere
liked what she wrote

and she said she would miss
his most delicious creamy croissant
and medium mocha

just then, he thought he heard
himself cry
claimed it was happy tears,
but only he knew
the real reason why


written for napowrimo day twelve, “alliteration and assonance” (somewhat)

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved