after dusk

long ago I stopped wondering
why night creatures treasure
their time and space after dark

I see colors, pixels and edges
more vividly
as darkness falls

I hear myself more clearly
alone with just my shadows
to keep me company

I find that spot I had given up looking
beneath the blinding light of the sun

and what is that, shoved in the corner~
a piece of sanity I thought I’d lost
in the battle with myself during the day

I taste my tears, sweet and salty
just like the wound oozing from my bleeding heart
(from trying to be none other
than me)

by the time dawn
comes around,
I’ve learned from the leaves
how to dance with the shadows
from the owl how to sing
with the night breeze
and from the moon
how to be beautiful
in the darkness


written for napowrimo day seventeen, “nocturne”

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved