fall again

I’ve been trying to stay away from you,
ignoring your soft taps on my window.

I used to run to you
just to hide my tears, because nobody
could tell the difference,
save for when you would take my face
in the palm of your hands
and taste my tears in your kiss.

And did I tell you how I used to
welcome the sound of your storm,
for you sang your song so loudly
nobody heard me weep?

You see, I
was in love with you
or the idea of
romance hidden
within each
     p …
until your love choked
and drowned me.

(But then lightning came and claimed
her stake on everything
she landed on)

I know you carry
sacred essence that would drench
someone and make them anew.

For now I will stay away from you,
or at least try to,
because every drop never fails
to make me melt
into a puddle of heart
and I’ll fall for you all over again.


written for napowrimo day twenty-eight, inspired by “Rain“, a poem by Kazim Ali

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved


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