gyromantic adventure

(a collaboration with Melinda Kucsera)

I wonder what the future holds
Gyromancy’s got the answers
lining up the pebbles to get started
wind them from present to future
the next step is a walk in the park
round I go until dizziness drops me
seeing stars, where does that leave me?
smack dab in a blurry future
if only these stones could tell me
where to go from here
or should I walk around and around again
maybe the answer’s in the pebbles
I’ll pay closer attention to them
and meditate, listening for that still, small voice
heed what it has to say
or spin faster until the present blurs
and the future takes shape
from colors banding, bending into a rainbow
where I might find a pot of gold
or a Norse god crossing to our world
with beautiful future written in a scroll
saying the future can’t be bought or sold
down the rainbow I slide, losing my prediction
and all but a single coin inscribed
with an open heart and a question mark
off to square one I go, walking in a circle
outwards, letting the future go in favor of living in the present


Author’s note:

I’m so glad that I had the chance to write again with Melinda. (We used to do this before I took a long blogging hiatus.) 

Check out Melinda’s awesome fantasy stories here.

Gyromancy is one way of divining the future, in which one walking in or around a circle falls from dizziness and prognosticates from the place of the fall.


© annie scribes & melinda kucsera 2017
all rights reserved


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