willingly lost

midnight was ready to leave
when he finally came,
a single stem of rose in his hand

her eyes lit up at the sight of his shadow
as under her breath she murmured,
‘I knew you would find me’

the universe seemed to revolve around her
when she felt his lips on her forehead
a kiss so soft and full of heart

then time stopped when their lips met
drowned in kisses so strong and passionate
they sucked her essence and swallowed her soul
till there was nothing left of her
till there was no place left for tomorrows
(just this moment)

the night was inching its way toward dawn
but he was the entire galaxy
and she would be willingly lost
in his black hole


written for maypoeticwings 1/31, “kiss me under venus”

maypoeticwings is a Twitter writing challenge hosted by @PoetessBecca and @BelezaAngel

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved


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