name me beautiful

(a haibun)

He was a lover of beauty, surrounded by charm spread in four corners. Tucked in the warmth of his comfortable nook, he bathed in a spectra of colours poured in by queens and goddesses. Every word carried hidden meaning, special strings of stanza woven just for each one, lines making up a song he sang beneath the moonlight ~ an allure no heart could ever deny.

lady seduction
waltzed into his chambers with
air of arrogance

In her he saw determination to claim her possession. In her he saw the need to show off her strength to get the world down on its knees. In her he saw beauty, shamelessly raw and open, unlike any he had ever seen before her. Fire so fierce he was willing to feel the burn all over his body, to reduce his being down to charcoal, ceasing to exist if only to be held in her warm hands as ashes. Passion so strong he was yearning to melt, to become a puddle of nothing, mushy at her feet. A love pretending to be pure and perfect it was poisonous and blinding, as he missed out on a heart now scattered on wilting grass.

passionate princess
hid behind a wall of black
admitting defeat

Dawn broke and with it came a revelation that he wanted every piece of beauty he could get his hands on in his realm, but there was space for only one next to his throne. As he offered his hand she took it with pride, a smile of victory on her face. He was her reward, a recognition for the beauty nobody else possessed. Proudly wearing her crown she walked toward her king, for the happily ever after, or so she thought, to begin.

little did he know
thousand dances he missed for


written for maypoeticwings 3/31, “cassiopeia”

maypoeticwings is a Twitter poetry challenge hosted by @PoetessBecca and @BelezaAngel

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved


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