taunting tomorrow

he always waited for her beneath the cherry skies
for they brought out the fiery passion in her eyes
and by the end of the crimson fireworks,
nothing else would have mattered

she always looked forward to the warmth in his arms
for they were the closest thing to safety and comfort
where she could unleash her love and let it roam
even across forbidden lands

at sunset, spent,
they would rest under subdued clouds
adoring the glow in each other’s eyes
reflection of what could become,
taunting tomorrow to throw promises their way
their hearts determined to make the best of the moments
of their togetherness


written for maypoeticwings 8/31, “cherry skies”

maypoeticwings is a Twitter poetry challenge hosted by @PoetessBecca and @BelezaAngel

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved