abyssal tongue

I promised to be the first one to kiss the colors of sunrise,
so I beat the dawn at the shore.
My toes in the sand, fine grains caressing my skin,
I felt salt water seep into my pores.
Seagulls squawked overhead, as though mocking my loneliness,
asking over and over again
why I kept coming here.

I had no answer, nothing to offer, even less to say.
But this spot was where he captured my waves,
a million lifetimes ago, and so each dawn
I promised myself to come back,
feel the sunlight kiss my lips
and the ocean’s lapping tongue
at my feet.


written for mayfalls 10/31, “captured waves”
mayfalls is a Twitter poetry challenge hosted by @breath_words and @a_sea_of_words

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved