a so-called new tale 

Tired of keeping too much love, a chameleon disappeared into the mountains to become a hermit.

Fall came and went, winter arrived and left, spring hung around then scooted, and the ocean was quiet about his secrets.

Summer arrived in all its glory, and he started to miss the feeling of being loved, wanted and worshipped.

So he came back home, reincarnating as someone else with a brand new story. On the way to the sea, he picked up pages of the old books he abandoned, and scattered words unabashedly, pretending he’d never read these chapters before. Lonesome fools fell again, just like then, because the words were pretty and their pages had been empty.

And so the tale of deception continued.


© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved


6 thoughts on “a so-called new tale ”

  1. There are no new tales in a world where all stories have been told. Although, there are many variations in which characters take on new names. There is an intense, palpable in your work that has a hint of anger and sarcasm. Your wit is real and your words can all be felt. This is great writing.

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