not for the sea

I was never in love with the sea
though I was born near the water
its roar sounded a lot like
the noise within
I’d been trying to deny

Sailors and fishermen alike
avoided my soul
called it a bourgeois
for living high up in the hills
unwilling to dip my toes in the vast blue sea

One winter I fell into an ocean
he almost killed me
with waves higher than the highest peak
of lust in his core

I saw the abyss
I saw the beauty in his depths
and how the blue filled my lungs
as I stood at the edge of drowning

(Something pulled me out of the water
just before I ran out of air)

In the dark forest of the mountains
among the whispers of the trees
in the silence between the breeze
is where I belong
where I watch from a distance
as the ocean makes love to the rain
each drop licked and kissed and absorbed
till they become one

I sold my soul to the ocean
but I am not
for the sea.


© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved


4 thoughts on “not for the sea”

  1. So many great lines in this poem but my favorite is ‘in the silence between the breeze is where I belong’. Great imagery, too. Sounds like you were lucky to escape the clutches of the ocean.

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      1. You are most welcome. Life is deceiving. It promises happiness, gives you a taste of it then rips it from you. This I know too well.


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