why we ache

had we not been introduced
to something better
would we have wanted more?

had we not seen colors
beyond black and white boxes
would we have asked
for rainbows?

an ache — I wonder
if it’s man-made

maybe we would not demand to have
brighter and more fragrant flowers
in our lawn
if we don’t keep peeking at others’ garden
adorned with golden roses
we can’t afford


For #WhisperingNeds 132, ‘lawn’. Click here to listen.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved


10 thoughts on “why we ache”

  1. Enjoyed this piece, Annie. It’s called “measure” by Buddhists, comparison with others. They say there are only two possible outcomes: either disappointment and unhappiness, or arrogance (because you’re the one with the sweet roses). Their solution is not to do it at all. Sometimes you can’t help yourself though.

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    1. In the world where sweet roses are a measure of success, would one be considered a hypocrite if one does not want to claim even a petal? After all, success often comes when we strive to be better, or bigger, or more. Your comment is food for thought, Steve, and I am slowly chewing. Thank you.

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      1. My pleasure, Annie. I guess wanting roses is not a problem unless it becomes an obsession. What we can do sometimes is desire things simply because our neighbour has them: that’s not so great. I just bought a turntable and some vinyl. I don’t need it, just for enjoyment. I’m hoping Buddha doesn’t mind that.

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