we’re not meant to stand still

do you know how long we’ve been here?
our souls are covered with dust
hearts unable to see rust
all over bones

if not for dawn taking turns with dusk
for earth traipsing around sun
we’d be stuck in the past

comfort attached to being unchanged
useless currency
you can’t even purchase memories
with same old promises

I emptied my backpack
making room for new pebbles
I’ll pick up along the way

may we soon overgrow this stagnant state
rendering us safe
but more deadened
by the day


Listen here.

For #WhisperingNeds 141, ‘stasis/aspic/amber/pickles/preserve/sameness’.

© annie scribes 2019
all rights reserved



7 thoughts on “we’re not meant to stand still”

  1. The dilemma of change nicely expressed, Annie. As you say, after a while you can’t see what happened, and, from experience, I think that sometimes your mind can become occupied with small unimportant things.

    The Buddhists recommend keeping a pebble in your pocket: you touch it when you feel the need to be grounded. Mind you, the Buddhists (and John Lennon) will tell you you can travel the universe without going anywhere. You can save on airfares if you believe that. 😸

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    1. Thank you, Steve, for the beautiful comment and reminder. I get fixated on my limitations sometimes, paying too much attention to things that are insignificant. I’ll find and keep my pebble – and embark on a journey all at once. 😊

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