giddy ganders

glimpses of what could be

dazzling dream droplets
in a golden goblet

vivid rainbow colors within reach
beauty close enough to touch
seemingly safe in warm, tight clutch

high on love-laced drips

infused with a mirage
more exquisite than dewdrops

swept off my feet, I stumble and fall
letting go of attempts to re-surface
I belong in this void


For February Prompts, ‘giddy ganders’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved


doubling back

We’ve been here before; even the shadows feel familiar. I can’t remember why we’d decided to leave—all I saw was us parting ways, eyes kept low, as if a single glance would spark a fire and ruin it all over again.

The days and nights that followed had been longer than forever. Seconds crawled, as though punishing us for wanting to move on. At one point the shields finally crumbled, both of us scrambling to get to a path we knew, realizing we had never left at all.


For February Prompts, ‘dignified and divergent’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

lavender love

Lavender Love


For February Prompts, ‘lavender love’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

you can never win

I was angry
with the sun
for shining so brightly—
all I needed was a little gray
to go with the melancholy

as shadows got longer
the heavens opened up
letting skies cry
teaching cassia leaves to bow
laden with raindrops

taking gulps of humidity
my lungs let out heavy sighs
restless though remained the heart
(the rain was not what it wanted)

half moon on her throne
with a smirk, asking—
what else do you want now


© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

wannabe aphrodite

A gorgeous heart scatters love across four corners, making sure it lands on all shores. Seeds planted, waves sent, and time will do the rest.

I catch a drop, keeping it close to my heart. Wishing I could take a bigger gulp, resigned to just a taste. Whenever darkness falls, I take a little sip, pretending it’s laced with lust, shooting passion into my veins and making me feel like a queen, the subject of her king’s desire.


For February Prompts, ‘amorous affections’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

one another’s dust

Restless night, not from
lack of chats with the moon
(yours truly the chatterbox)
but from absence of a smile
that is the gist of everything
done during the day.

Specks of dust in the universe
we are–each one’s weight
affects others in a way
oft unthought of.

Look up and listen, the skies
will tell you
you’re never alone.


© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

space within

voices echo in the void
tired ears straining to hear
the one thing that matters
in all that chatter

hollow space an eerie place
for broken pieces wanting to be whole
hiding while searching for their pace
in a world measured not by hearty effort
but by results and numbers

the only way to sieve out the noise
is to turn into themselves
caressing scars on walls of chambers:
each one a memento
of attempts to worship those


For #WhisperingNeds 119, ‘when will the noise stop/solitude’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

the moon worshipper

I follow your light
at times hiding behind clouds
others, reflecting off the hills
the river a mirror

nights I love the most
your light casts a shadow
I take in shades of black:
darkness is beautiful still

I go through the day
only because at dusk
you’ll come home to me


© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved