hindsight is always
a dream could be
too far away
they lose sight of it
on the way there

if they could choose,
from where they stand
would they stay on course
pick a different ending
or double-back and start
a new beginning


© annie scribes 2019
all rights reserved


the scribe

I wouldn’t call it a bribe
rather an incentivized persuasion

the chapters he’s writing
are getting old
I gave him an idea
to keep the story fresh

(I handed him
my version
of happily ever after)

that some pretty things
were tucked between pages
of my manuscript
is beside the point


© annie scribes 2019
all rights reserved

the choice is ours

or free will

are we waiting
for the other shoe to drop
no matter how long it takes
(maybe never)

are we making things happen
because time does not wait
and tomorrow may not come–
or it’ll be too late


© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

this way, that way

confined in boxes
defined in brackets
today a synonym, tomorrow
a juxtaposition
today a right, tomorrow
a disaster

the mountain, unmoved,
seems to have grown taller
and mightier
by the day

us, creatures of comfort
forced to make a choice–

or fleeing:
which one will keep us alive?


For #OctPoWriMo Day 17, ‘and the dragon chose…’

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved

always a choice

Why did you do that? I barked.

, he whispered, ask me
why I chose to do what I did.

a reason behind every action.
Agenda beneath every line.
A message within a message.

Always, choices to make,
even if it is
not to make
a choice.


© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved