“Welcome to your new home.” A voice woke her—or was it the wind? Zeera was not sure. Slowly coming to her senses, she found herself sitting on a bed of magenta wildflowers in a meadow surrounded by dancing pine trees.

Standing up and getting oriented, she felt the cool ground beneath her feet, at the same time being aware of roots firmly yet ever so softly growing deep within. Above her, high up in the branches, songbirds trilled. Continue reading “home”


doubling back

We’ve been here before; even the shadows feel familiar. I can’t remember why we’d decided to leave—all I saw was us parting ways, eyes kept low, as if a single glance would spark a fire and ruin it all over again.

The days and nights that followed had been longer than forever. Seconds crawled, as though punishing us for wanting to move on. At one point the shields finally crumbled, both of us scrambling to get to a path we knew, realizing we had never left at all.


For February Prompts, ‘dignified and divergent’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

lavender love

Lavender Love


For February Prompts, ‘lavender love’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

wannabe aphrodite

A gorgeous heart scatters love across four corners, making sure it lands on all shores. Seeds planted, waves sent, and time will do the rest.

I catch a drop, keeping it close to my heart. Wishing I could take a bigger gulp, resigned to just a taste. Whenever darkness falls, I take a little sip, pretending it’s laced with lust, shooting passion into my veins and making me feel like a queen, the subject of her king’s desire.


For February Prompts, ‘amorous affections’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved


the way you read my emotions
even before they’re written
the way I catch your waves
before they reach my shore
—we’re tethered to each other

the want to be closer than close
be engulfed in a fire
that a million drops of rain
will never douse

your breaths I breathe
like they’re from my lungs
my heartbeat you keep
like it’s your own

I am
your missing rib—
I belong to you.


For February Prompts, ‘intense attraction’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

saccharine spin

stumbling upon lines

lavishly laced with lust
dressed as love ‘tween syrupy stanzas

left mesmerized
by twirls of honeyed letters
that curl into wicked desire


For February Prompts, ‘sumptuous and sweet’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved


come take me

delightful deep blue
beckoning for a dip
that turns into a swim

oh, what the hell—
I’d drown in you
in a heartbeat


For February Prompts, ‘ravishing peril’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

you (done to me)

through demure cloak you see
desire once denied
now raging

hunger unraveled
craving licks down to last lovedrops
oozing from your beckoning heart

unshackled by your gaze
I charge, I pounce
taking big gulps of you


For February Prompts, ‘bloodthirsty and blazing’.

© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved