necessary evil

unearth rusty words
shoved deep in soulbed

they begin to bear down
like stones
empty deadweight

a promise broken
before it breaks the dream

not ungrateful—
a much needed


© annie scribes 2019
all rights reserved


I won’t be broken

once again I walk
the city streets
they look familiar
and new

faces forlorn
one of them might as well
just have been mine:
these corners are where
I learned to swallow
pretending it was honey

I lost a lot of city’s skyline
once embroidered in my eyes
not for I wanted
to forget where I was born—
but because I promised
not to be broken
though that’s where
I came from

I had to walk away
to keep it together

so that I can return
to city streets
feeling familiar and new
proudly saying I’m better
because I promised
not to be broken


© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved

I’ll boldly cross them all

Enough talk about yearning. I’ll tell you what I’ll do when you’re within reach.

Each breath you exhale will be my source of life, you’ll feel me perpetually breathing you in. This heart will swell, trying to accommodate yours—huge, full of love and pumping passion.

I will lick every letter you scatter, not caring if they’re mine, because by then I’d have waited with a thousand moons, I deserve to have a taste.

There will be no turning back; no yesterday, only tomorrow. No more tiptoeing the lines.

No lines, for I’d have crossed them all.


© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved