the downside of summer

Lungs, coddled by gulps of air. Hearts, swollen, filled to the brim. For a moment, the beautiful state of as-is seemed to stay forever.

Seasons change as the sun rises earlier and sets much later. The air grows heavier, the spring vaporizing, leaving lungs gasping, hearts running dry. The only thing keeping them alive is knowing that they expand and contract, and beat for each other, in a rhythm only they understand.


© annie scribes 2018
all rights reserved


the tiny print

They used to have a favorite song. Or at least she did. Looking back, he could have just been playing along. He always said he’d save his best and last dance for her, and she believed him. If only she knew what was unspoken– that the dance was only for a season.


For The Daily Prompt, ‘dancing’.

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved

for the season

Sweet things
whispered in her ear
not hers, though
created for the season.

Leaves turned
into fading hues
like his light now shining
on a pretty

© annie scribes 2017
all rights reserved